Four Common Uses for Home Intercom Systems

You might think that intercom systems are only for businesses, but they are very effective in homes, too. Intercom systems add a layer of security to your home, although it might seem as if they don’t. Momo Locksmith is dedicated to providing the best security options to our residential and commercial customers. Would you benefit from a residential intercom system? Here are four common uses for them in the home to help you decide.

A Baby’s Room

Portable baby monitors are great, but they only work if you have the other receiver next to you. What if get up for a moment to head out to the garage, the laundry room, or somewhere else in the house? An in-home intercom system can be set to open in the baby’s room so you can hear your infant no matter where you are in the residence. An in-home intercom system also doesn’t receive the interference portable baby monitors can.

An Elderly Parent’s Room

Elderly parents are moving in with their kids today more than they ever did in the past. One reason why this has become so common is that people cannot afford extended care, whether in their parents’ homes or in facilities. If you have an elderly parent or parents living with you, an intercom system allows them to reach you right away if they are ill or otherwise in an emergency situation. A push of a button is all it takes to get your attention.

To Get Your Teenager’s/Spouse’s Attention

You know exactly what we’re talking about. Imagine ending the constant argument with your teen that you yelled up the stairs to her a million times yet she claims she never heard you. Imagine getting your spouse’s attention easily while he’s out in the garage working on his dream car. Residential intercom systems help you communicate clearly, quickly, and easily with your family, no matter where they are. You’ll know they heard you.

Know Who’s Knocking Before You Answer

Finally, peepholes can be covered. An in-home intercom system allows you to communicate with the person knocking on your door before you ever answer it. Answering the door blindly leaves you vulnerable and at risk. You can use the intercom system to confirm the knocker and determine whether it’s safe to answer the door. If you believe it isn’t, you can immediately alert the authorities without ever opening the front door.

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