Four Gate Types to Protect Your Home or Business

Gates offer added security to your home or business which, in turn, adds to your peace of mind. Momo Locksmith offers gate installation services to our residential and commercial customers. There are four different gate types we install, and each of them has their own purpose. Here’s what they are and how they make your home or business a safer place to live and work. 


Decorative, luxurious, yet secure, iron gates are installed in the front and back of your property to secure entrance to it. Iron gates secure both homes and businesses. Depending on the fencing around your property, an iron gate will add a touch of class and also make it harder for people to access your front and back doors and windows. Iron gates have been used for centuries by the wealthy to keep people off their property. There are options now that everyone can afford.


You see them in the early morning or at the end of the business day; storefront gates being pulled up or down to open and close businesses. These gates secure your business when you are closed and deter theft much better than simply a locked storefront. Storefront gates make breaking into a store much harder. They not only provide an extra layer of protection but are also noisy and difficult to penetrate quietly. We install and maintain different storefront gate types for business outside and in malls.


The most common way burglars break into homes and businesses is through the windows. Window gates make it impossible for someone to gain access to the inside of your residence or commercial space. You might think you only need window gates if you live in a “bad” part of town, but this isn’t always the case. People break into the homes of the wealthy, too, and window gates add an extra layer of protection. Window gates can also secure your business, leaving you at peace at the end of the day.


Commonly called security screens, door gates make it easier and safer to leave your front and back doors open in the evenings and nights after the sun goes down and the weather cools. These gates have deadbolt and knob locks and, as with storefront gates, are nearly impossible to penetrate quietly. Burglars will avoid homes and businesses with door and window gates because it’s an exercise in futility to attempt to break into them. They can’t get in the home or business quickly and quietly.

Momo Locksmith would be happy to come to your home or business and discuss the safety gate options best for your property. Call us to set up an appointment by dialing 914-219-0338 or 718-475-2353. We keep homes and businesses safe in NYC and Westchester County.

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Image by Jiří Rotrekl from Pixabay

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