Four Instances Where In-Home Security Cameras Make Sense

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, it might be time to do so. You have a security system outside your home equipped with cameras, but you haven’t installed cameras inside your home. This is something that many people resist because they feel as if it’s a “Big Brother” step in their home security. Still, Momo Locksmith can name four instances where in-home security cameras make sense. Here’s what they are for your consideration.

You and Your Partner Work Full-Time

Both you and your partner work full-time and you worry about the kids when they get home from school. Yes, they call you to let you know they made it safely, but wouldn’t you rather keep an eye on them? An in-home security system allows you to watch your children from your computer or handheld device to see what they’re doing and to ensure they’re safe and sound.

You Can’t Trust Your Teenager

This is especially important if you have a defiant teen whom you cannot trust. If he or she isn’t aware you’ve got cameras in the home, you have a birds-eye view of everything that goes on when you’re not there. No more denying they had their girlfriend or boyfriend over. No more denying they snuck into the liquor cabinet. No more denying they are using drugs. You’ve caught them in the act!

You’ve Just Hired a New Babysitter

Perhaps your trusted babysitter has gone off to college and you’ve hired a new one. Yes, she came with a ton of glowing references, but you still want to make sure nothing goes wrong. In-home security systems have been given the nickname “nanny-cams” because they have filmed babysitters harming children, much to the parents’ horror. Keep an eye on the new babysitter to protect your children.

You’ve Just Hired a New Pet Sitter

Finally, what about your furry kids? Whether you hire a pet sitter every day to come and take your dog for a walk while you’re at work, or you need someone to feed your pets while you’re on vacation, the same horrors of child abuse discussed above have also played out against pets on in-home security footage. Protect these unconditionally loving family members with security cameras inside your home.

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