Four Reasons To Have Your Locks Replaced

In most cases, you’ll probably keep the locks on your home the same for many years. However, there are some instances where you might need to call a professional locksmith and have your locks completely replaced. Whether it’s a security issue or something else, here are the most common reasons why many homeowners choose to have their locks replaced for safety reason.

You Lost Your Keys

Whether it’s your home or business, lost keys can mean that someone else now has access to your property. And if you’ve lost every key you own including the spare, you’ll need to have new locks put in, anyway. Take a deep breath and try your best to locate the lost key before you take any drastic measures. If you’re absolutely certain you cannot find it and there’s no spare to be found, you should call a locksmith to replace the locks ASAP.

You Bought a New Home

Buying a new home is exciting, and you’ll get a set of the keys at closing. Once you get these new keys, you should consider changing the locks. Why you might ask? Realtors and the previous owner may still have a copy of your key, which means someone else still has access. Even if they’re not allowed to enter the home after you buy it, it leaves you extremely vulnerable to potential problems later down the line. This simple change is worth the cost to give you peace of mind.

You Had a Recent Break-In

Being burglarized is stressful enough, but now you have to contend with the issue of someone else getting into your home later. Even if you don’t know whether or not the criminal took a copy of your house key, it’s a good idea to have your locks replaced. You never know if the burglar was able to go out and make copies of your keys to sell to other people or give to friends. Change your locks just to be sure.

Your Roommate or Tenant Moved Out

If you rent the property or you had a roommate and they’ve moved, it’s a good idea to get your locks replaced. You never know who might have a spare copy of your keys, particularly if you’re a landlord who recently had to evict an unhappy tenant. Roommate disputes are common, and even if you parted ways on good terms, they may think they can walk right in any time they want to, even after they’ve moved out. Your best bet is to always change the locks whenever you have a change in residency to your property.

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