Five Benefits of a Commercial Intercom System for Your Business

If you do not have a commercial intercom system installed in your business yet, now’s the time to make the year-end expenditure. There are many benefits of business intercom systems, five of which we will list below. Better yet, Momo Locksmith can come to your business and determine the best intercom system for your exact needs, and then we can install and maintain it.

1. Better Security

Your intercom system can be integrated with your security camera and access control systems to give you optimal security at all entrances to your location. An intercom system gives you an added tool in entrance security. You can see who is at the door and communicate with your security team if you do not feel that the person trying to gain access to the premises is trustworthy.

2. Better Communication

Businesses have been using intercom systems for years. In the days of old, bosses would summon their secretaries to their offices via an intercom. Businesses use intercoms to communicate with their customers, such as at the grocery store. Offices use intercoms to communicate with personnel no matter where they are in the building or even outside, such as at auto dealerships.

3. More Convenience

This, of course, makes things more convenient in your business. If you can talk with someone over an internal or external intercom the exact moment you need to speak with them, well, you don’t need us to tell you how much time that will save. People at the doors can identify themselves through the intercom to boost your security, as well, especially if you don’t have security guards onsite.

4. Crime Prevention

All of the above adds up to one thing: crime prevention. If everyone inside and outside of the building can communicate with each other, and if you have the intercom tied into your existing security system, it will be much harder for anyone to gain access to your business. Assume for the moment your business is an auto dealership, salespeople can communicate with security people if they don’t trust someone wandering the lot.

5. Financial Benefits

Finally, in many cases, a business security system that includes intercom services will reduce your commercial or industrial insurance premiums. Anything that you can do to reduce the risk of a claim makes insurance carriers very happy. The system will also boost your commercial or industrial property’s value, giving you more bang for your buck in your portfolio if you’re the property owner.

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