Benefits of an Access Control System

All businesses can benefit from an access control system, which is why these systems increase in popularity every year. Momo Locksmith installs and maintains access control systems, and we’d like to share with you some of their perks. This will help you decide whether an access control system will work well with your commercial or industrial space.

Easier Key Replacement

Lost keys are a pain. Not only do you need to have a new key cut for the employee who lost it but you also have to worry about whether the lost key has fallen into the wrong hands. Most businesses find it safer to rekey everything rather than take chances, and this can be expensive. Because an access control system gives employees access with computerized cards, you can easily disable a lost card so it won’t work and issue a new card to the employee who lost his or her card.

Enhanced Security

Access control systems also enhance your security because you know who is coming and going at all times. Every time an employee uses his or her card to gain access to the building (and to leave), the swipe is recorded. Should someone enter the building when he or she shouldn’t, you’ll still know about it via the access logs. The control system also helps you keep track of your employees if you have a large business with thousands of people, such as a warehouse.

Increased Internal Security

Access control system key cards can be programmed to only open locks to areas where you want employees to have access. For example, only HR personnel can access their offices with their keys; no one else’s key will work. Nobody has access to your office except you, and private areas, such as record rooms that have confidential information filed away can be access-controlled. The keys can be programmed to access specific areas depending on the employee’s position within the company.

All of this means better security and a reduction in theft. Plus, should someone steal something, you can check the access control log to see who went into the area of the theft prior to the crime. Insurance companies also favor access control systems, so you might save money on your insurance premiums. Call Momo Locksmith at 914-219-0338 or 718-475-2353. We’d be happy to discuss access control systems with you to determine if they are right for your business. We are located in Riverdale, NY, and we service New York City, especially The Bronx, and Westchester County.

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