What Are The Best Burglary Deterrents?

Ensuring your home remains secure against break-ins not only gives you peace of mind but can save you money on home insurance premiums. But in an environment where home security products run amuck, how can you tell which ones prevent burglary and which ones fall flat? Here’s a quick breakdown of both:

Video Doorbells

A step up from a smart lock, a video doorbell lets you see who’s at the front door via a small camera mounted inside the doorbell. More importantly, you can view the area from anywhere, allowing you stay abreast of activity or burglary at your house even while away.


While the debate rages over whether or not barking dogs deter criminals, most experts agree that any attention drawn to your home (a barking dog can create quite a racket) is a good thing. Since burglars prefer low-hanging fruit, they tend to avoid homes with any type of impediment…especially one with teeth.

Front Gates

Creating a barrier between the outside world and your property will go a long way to keeping you and your family safe. Even something as simple as a front gate makes it difficult for someone to scope out your house or gain entry.

Secure Windows

A close second to doors, unlocked or poorly-secured windows give someone a way to get inside your home. Beyond having up-to-date locked windows, consider installing motion sensors or break-proof laminate.

Smart Locks

More secure than a traditional deadbolt, smart locks let you manage locks digitally through your smart phone. You’ll be alerted any time someone tries to enter with your code, and you’ll never again drive away from the house wondering if you remembered to lock the door.

Motion Lights

Since the last thing any burglar wants is attention, installing motion lights around doors or windows can be a simple way to create doubt and make someone think twice about breaking into your home. Plus, these simple additions can send the message that further security measures are in place.

Home Security Systems

If you don’t want to purchase some of these items a la carte, you can opt for a home security system that bundles. You can pick and choose options that work best for your home and save money in the process.

Devices to Avoid

Almost any step you take to secure your home from burglary will have a positive effect, but stay away from things like outdated alarm systems, tall shrubs around windows, and guns.

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