How Can I Control Unauthorized Duplication Of My Keys?

Your keys represent security, but as technology advances, so do the myriad ways predators can break into your life. More specifically, cyber locksmiths can now copy a key using nothing more than a photograph. What does this new threat entail and how can you stay secure?

Cyber Locksmiths

The concept started innocently enough–if you need duplicate house keys, simply take a picture of your door lock (both sides), and a locksmith will generate a compatible key. However, it doesn’t take much to see how this convenience can spiral out of control into the criminal realm.

Unfortunately, cyber crimes have been on the rise for several years, and high-tech locksmiths are the new wave. Here are a few tips for keeping your keys out of the hands of strangers.

Simple Ways to Avoid Key Duplication

If someone can take a picture of your keys, they can also take them. This means the same rules apply to keeping keys safe in either situation, and that means storing them out of plain sight.

  • Keep them in a purse or secure pocket, and don’t lay them on the counter at a store, restaurant, or office.
  • Don’t leave keys in a desk at work.
  • Don’t hang your keys on a rack, even at home.
  • Avoid giving technicians your keys when having your car serviced.

Locksmith and Hardware Store Keys

Yes, any key can be duplicated, but most hardware-store locks use only two key blanks and have proprietary cylinders that make it difficult or impossible to use more unique blanks. Locksmiths, on the other hand, use standard cylinders than can work with a variety of key blanks and also carry less identifiable keys.

‘Do Not Duplicate’ Keys

Regrettably, keys designated as “Do Not Duplicate” do little to deter criminals, and cyber or unethical locksmiths can easily ignore this verbal warning and copy them anyway.

The Takeaway

When it comes to your safety, the best thing to do is be aware and stay cautious. Think of your keys like a wad of cash, and the idea comes together. When keys stay out of sight, you don’t provide anyone an opportunity to take a picture of or steal them. As such, they will not have access to your business or personal property.

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