Can I Use The Same Key For All My Locks?

You can use the same key for all of your locks, and many of our customers in The Bronx find that much, much easier. To use one key for all locks, you’ll want to have your locks keyed alike. If you have them keyed to differ, each lock will have its own key. Momo Locksmith can handle either order, so let’s talk about the advantages of and disadvantages of each.

Keyed Alike

The primary advantage of having your locks keyed alike is you only have to carry one key with you. Gone is the heavy keychain that tells everyone you’re heading up the walkway. This being said, you might want separate keys for certain locks, such as the one to your outside shed or the garage if it’s unattached. Locks that are keyed alike become much more susceptible to crime should you lose your keys, as one key will open all the locks on your property.

Most people believe that this disadvantage is outweighed by the advantage of only one key, but we can’t argue that point either way. It really depends on preference. If your locks are compatible for keyed alike, which means all locks fit the same key style, then it’s easy to rekey them. To tell whether all your locks are keyed-alike compatible, insert your existing house key into each lock. If the key slides into the lock, the lock can handle that key style.

Keyed to Differ

There are others who believe that keyed to differ is the way to go. As mentioned above, one key opening all locks makes it much easier for criminals to access all buildings on your property if they get their hands on your key. Naturally, if you have all the keys on one keychain and you lose that, you still have the same problem, but it’ll take someone much longer to open each door. This might buy you time to realize what’s going on and call for help.

There are other reasons why keyed to differ works for others. For example, those with tool sheds, separate garages, or gated pools might not want their toddlers to have to access to them, so they can key to differ those and hide the keys. If you call Momo Locksmith, we can come out, look at your property, and help you decide. We have customers throughout New York City with an emphasis on The Bronx.

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Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

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