Change Your Locks After These Four Things

Are there specific instances when you should change your home’s locks? Yes, there are, and Momo Locksmith lists four of them below. Your safety is our priority and life can throw you curve balls that affect that safety. Good things, such as a new home, can also affect that safety. Whether the instance is good or bad, make sure to have your locks changed after the four life events below.

New Home

Don’t rest easy when the Realtor hands over the keys to your dream house. Unless it was built for you, the previous owners may still have keys to the home. Part of your move should include rekeying the house. This protects you and your family from people who have an old set of keys letting themselves in. It might seem as if it’s a stretch that someone would do that but trust us, it does happen. Stay safe and have the locks changed in your new abode to make sure only you and those you designate have a key.


Nobody wants to go through a painful break-up but they do happen. Even if the split is amicable, have your locks changed. Even if you got your house key back from your ex, have the locks changed. You don’t know if your ex had a copy of your house key made, nor do you know if the break-up really was amicable in his or her eyes. When people are heartbroken, they do crazy things. Change the locks to make sure you aren’t the victim of a revenge crime after a split from a spouse or significant other.

Roommate Change

The same holds true for roommates. Oftentimes, roommates move out for good reasons, such as they found their own place. Still, you don’t want copies of your house key floating around town. This opens you up to the possibility of break-ins and theft or worse. Anytime there is a change in your home’s occupants, change the locks, too, so you can avoid people who no longer live therefrom having access to your house. It’s better to be safe than sorry when people move out of your home.

Older Locks

Finally, if your home has older locks and no deadbolts, it’s definitely time to rekey it. Older locks are much easier to pick, making your residence a prime stop on a burglar’s route. Worse yet, people with the intent to cause you and your family harm may also target your home because it’s much easier to break into. Have older locks replaced with new ones, and if you don’t have deadbolts on your doors, make sure to get them installed. Also, have your locks changed if you’ve lost your keys.

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