How Commercial Magnetic Door Locks Protect Your Business

When looking to protect your business, door locks are the first barriers to restrict unwanted entrance. Luckily, with advances in technology, the security and lock industry has stepped up to provide new innovative ways to protect your business.

With a few varieties to choose from, magnetic locks offer some of the most secure, unpickable key entries in existence. Since magnetic force is so strong, it generates enough power to hold a door closed in lieu of a bolt.

Electromagnetic Locks

Like the lessons from elementary school, you’re taught about the north and south “poles” of a magnet. While like poles repel one another, opposites attract. While this explanation is far too simplistic to explain magnetic door locks, it acts as a foundation.

These locks have two basic components: the electromagnet (attached to the door plate) and the armature plate (secured to the door). These two elements attract via the current passing through the electromagnet and door stays shut with almost 1,200 pounds of force. This strength can be increased or decreased depending on the model purchased.

Since a power disruption will break the connection, and therefore the seal, this door opens in cases of emergency (a handy feature). With this lock, the door can also be made to open with an electrical signal like a key code, swipe code, or motion sensor.

Magnetic Keyed Lock

With no electrical component, this option has a passive system requiring a permanent magnet in the key itself. Some products are simple, needing only one magnet to open the door, and though they offer less in the way of security, they adequately conceal the device (to look like nothing locks the door). More complex magnetic locks exist, with more components and magnetic protection.

These locks attract businesses due to their absence of electricity, the key’s reliability (it will not degrade with time), and lock concealment.

Standard vs. Magnetic Locks

Like any method of protection, the type of lock needed will depend largely on the needs of your business. In general, magnetic locks work well with emergency doors (such as fire exits) that need to remain locked during business hours. With the strong force holding the door closed, magnetic locks provide security far superior to standard pin and tumbler locks.

For best results, combine lock types to provide superior security. Adding magnetic locks to your standard locking system creates two barriers and improves upon preexisting features.

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Call Momo Locksmith at 914-999-2930 or 718-796-0618 for an appointment today!


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