FDNY – Approved Fire Escape Windows and Gates

Safety first, right? But how do you keep your family safe with a fire escape window or gate? You’ve heard horror stories of people getting trapped behind these windows and gates, and you’re not about to risk your family’s lives with one. Hang on for one second. Momo Locksmith is an expert in escapes, and we only use FDNY-approved windows and gates when we install them at our customers’ homes or businesses.

What Is FDNY-Approved?

When it became clear that some fire escapes actually hindered rather than helped people get out of their homes or businesses as the flames spread throughout the structure, FDNY investigators studied the windows and gates in an effort to see why they failed. Obviously, in some cases, the failure was due to crime protection, such as barred windows to prevent entrance instead of exit. People could not remove the bars from the inside and were left trapped.

Fortunately, engineers came up with a plan to design fire escape windows and gates that protect homes and businesses from crime on the outside, yet offer easy detachment and escape from the inside. These are the types of escapes approved by the FDNY. Nothing that doesn’t allow for quick and easy outside access from indoors will be approved by the FDNY. In most cases, the window or gate will have an interior locking mechanism.

Interior Locking Benefits

In the event of a fire, a resident or worker can easily unlock the window or gate that leads to the fire escape from inside without a key. The FDNY approves keyless mechanisms because they save time. Seconds count when a fire breaks out in a building, and lives could be lost looking for a key. Because the keyless mechanism is inside, burglars cannot open the window or gate from the outside, which is perfect if you live in a not-so-good neighborhood in The Bronx. Once the locking mechanism is released, the window or gate opens inward for a quick exit.

Momo Locksmith in Riverdale, NY, is the locksmith Riverdale and surrounding area homes and businesses count on to keep them secure. We know local fire escape laws in The Bronx and Manhattan, and we can ensure your building is approved for installation of FDNY-recommended ones. We also help customers in Bedford Park, Harlem, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Westchester, and Yonkers, and we can help you, too. Give us a call today.

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