Where To Find A Great Locksmith Reference

Life happens. You lose your keys, get locked out of the house or car, or even break a key or lock…maybe you break the key in the lock. Whatever the case, having a trusted locksmith you can call in these trying situations can mean the difference between panic and calm resolution. Rather than Google “Locksmiths near me” and scroll through pages of reviews and advertisements, wouldn’t you rather have one already picked out and ready to go? When you need a reference, a great person to look to is your realtor. Yes, everyone should have an experienced realtor in their back pocket, for many reasons.

Realtors, You Need a Solid Locksmith Reference

All you real estate professionals out there, take heed. Part of your job is building a network of connections you can use when clients (past, present and future) are in a bind. You likely know an inspector or appraiser, but have you considered a locksmith? What if a client doesn’t like their door knobs or needs to change the locks? Maybe the homeowners moved in and lost a key in the madness of unpacking. Whatever the case, if clients know they can call you with questions of security, it will only serve to cement your crucial role in their lives.

In addition, realtors spend a lot of time entering houses. If you get locked out of a listing or the key goes missing, a locksmith would be a handy person to know, especially since any delay in showing a property can put the rest of your appointments (and your day) at risk. And aside from professional necessity, you can get locked out of your house or car as easily as the other guy.

Qualities a Reputable Locksmith Will Have

Sure you can read reviews, but like everything on the internet, it should come with a side of salt. On the other hand, here are some concrete ways to make sure a locksmith is worth the service fee.

  • Licenses – A high-quality locksmith will be licensed to work in the area.
  • Professional Associations – Do they belong to Associated Locksmiths of America and/or Society of Professional Locksmiths?
  • Accreditations – Almost every reliable business these days belongs to the BBB.

For all your lock-related needs in Harlem Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Yonkers, Manhattan, Riverdale Bronx, Bedford Park, Marble Hill Westchester & Inwood Washington Heights, call Momo Locksmith at 914-999-2930 or 718-796-0618 today!

Call Momo Locksmith at 914-999-2930 or 718-796-0618 for an appointment today!

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