Fire Escape Window Gate Installation Service Near Me

Whether you are the owner of an apartment building or a renter, the fire escape outside your window is more than mere decoration. When times are good, the fire escape is a place to escape the stifling heat of the indoor air, and a great place to hang out with your friends. But when an emergency strikes, you will be glad that fire escape is there to whisk you to safety.

It is important for both renters and landlords to make sure the fire escapes on their buildings are in good repair, and this is one piece of home maintenance you do not want to leave to chance. So take a look outside your window, examine your fire escape and then give Momo Locksmith a call.

Keeping You Safe at Home

At Momo Locksmith, we know fire escapes, and we recognize the importance of keeping your fire escape in good repair. We also know that the fire escape outside your window is an integral part of your safety.

While your fire escape is designed to keep you safe at home, without a quality gate, that same fire escape could be an entry point for burglars. Just as you can climb down to safety, the bad guys can climb up to your window, and without a solid fire escape gate, your apartment could quickly become a crime scene.

Evaluating Your Needs

At Momo Locksmith, we are dedicated to your safety and that of your renters. Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, we will work with you to design a fire escape gate that not only keeps you safe but looks good as well.

We know there is no one size fits all approach to safety, and that is why we work hard to design a fire escape door solution for every client we serve. Whether you have a tiny window or a huge piece of plate glass, we will design a gate that will allow you to make a fast escape if necessary while keeping the burglars at bay.

Affordable Protection

You know you need to protect yourself from both fires and criminals, but you do not have extra money to spare. You worry about becoming a crime victim, but you also worry about spending too much on your fire escape door.

When you work with Momo Locksmith, you can set those worries to rest. We will work with you to design a fire escape door solution that fits your needs and your budget, so you will have one less thing to worry about.

Call Momo Locksmith at 914-999-2930 or 718-796-0618 for an appointment today!

Image by Adrian Marks from Pixabay

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