Fire Escape Window Gates

If you do not already have your fire escape window gates in the Bronx, you need to invest in one. Fire escapes are regulatory in New York City. However, having a gate is not. It is not the responsibility of the building to provide each unit with a gate. All inhabitants can choose to purchase a gate they are free to take with them when they move.

Many apartment dwellers install window gates at the fire escape as a form of security. A fire escape window without a gate is an invitation for a thief. It deters home burglaries. Most fire escape windows are located on the back or side of buildings out of the view of passersby. Avoid easy access by investing in a fire escape window gate.

Some apartments might require two as the fire escape can be accessed through two windows in one unit. The fire escape is usually in a common area like a living room or dining room but can be in a corner that adjoins with a bedroom thus having two entry points to the same apartment. Other times, the fire escape will be located in a common area that will cross two units. Each unit will have access to the same emergency escape route.

The installation of a fire escape window gate can be tricky. The frame has to align with the window correctly. It needs to be flush and lay flat vertically. It should take only a few minutes to get it in place before securing it to the window frame. If not, the gate will not close properly thus leaving you at risk for a break-in.

Make sure when investing in a fire escape window gate you get one that is board approved by the housing authority. The gate should be the height of the window being secured. The gate should have a latch locking mechanism. It should not have a key locking mechanism. The gate should move smoothly back and forth. A jarring motion suggests that the gate is not up to standard.

The building maintenance staff will be able to assist you with the installation. However, this means waiting until they are available because the gates are not a requirement of your occupancy. It would be in your best interest to hire a professional to get your fire escape window gate installed. For more information on obtaining a fire escape window gate in the Bronx contact, Momo Locksmith servicing the New York City, Westchester and surrounding areas.

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