Four Big Reasons Why You Need a Deadbolt

If you’re serious about home security, you truly need a deadbolt on every exterior door of your home. Deadbolts are viewed by some homeowners as one extra step that isn’t necessary, but you might be surprised. Momo Locksmith has some big reasons for you to reconsider a deadbolt on your door. Here are four big reasons why deadbolts increase your home’s security and offer other benefits.

1. Deadbolts Are Strong and Durable

Deadbolts are highly resistant to damage from brute force, which is what most burglars try to use during a break-in. Beating a deadbolt with a hammer is not going to do much, and using a crowbar is equally ineffective against a deadbolt. Having and using a deadbolt is an excellent way to secure your home against someone entering when you don’t want them to.

2. Deadbolts Are Resistant to Picking

All locks can be picked, given enough time and enough desire on the part of the lockpicker. However, something to remember is that tumbler locks are quick for someone to pick; deadbolts take a lot longer. As such, someone who is trying to get into your home is less likely to spend time hunkered in front of your deadbolt picking it. This is another really solid reason to install deadbolts.

3. Keyed Deadbolts Are Even More Secure

When you choose a keyed deadbolt, your security increases immensely. A non-keyed deadbolt next to a window is really easy to overcome by simply breaking the window, reaching through, and turning the latch. With a keyed deadbolt, which is also called a double-cylinder deadbolt, there’s nothing for the burglar to turn to unlock the deadbolt, unless someone leaves the key in the interior side.

4. You Might Get Lower Insurance Premiums

You may also want to talk to your home insurance provider. By installing deadbolts, you’re increasing the security of your home and your insurance company may like that enough to give you a discount on your home insurance. You may get an even better discount by considering increasing your home security in other ways, like by installing a full home security system. It’s always worth taking a minute to ask about those small changes.

Momo Locksmith can help you with all your deadbolt needs in The Bronx and New York City. Contact us and let us know what you need in terms of helping your exterior doors to be more secure. We can set you up with deadbolts that meet your needs and keep your home protected with a new security system, too.

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Photo by mj0007 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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