Four Tips if You Break Your Key in Your Lock

There might not be much else that is as frustrating as turning your key in your home’s lock and feeling the key break off in the lock. Now what? What do you do with a broken key? Momo Locksmith can help, so don’t panic. There are some DIY steps you can take that might get your key out of your lock. If they don’t work, you can always call us and we’ll come to your rescue ASAP.

1. Take a Closer Look

Right after your key breaks off, you might be a little busy freaking out. Take a moment, along with a deep breath, and get down at eye-level to take a closer look. If you’re really lucky, there’s a big piece of the key sticking out of the lock. Very carefully grasp the piece that is sticking out and gently pull. Be careful, because the broken end is likely to be sharp.

2. Use Some Tools

If you’re like most people who end up with a broken key, there’s not a huge piece sticking out of the lock for you to grasp. You still might be somewhat in luck, though. If you’ve got some tools handy, like a set of needle-nose pliers or even tweezers, you might be able to get a firm enough grip on the broken key to pull it out of the lock. Be careful with the tools you try, though, because you can damage the lock and you’ll have a bigger problem.

3. Don’t Keep Trying Your Key

The last thing you want to do is to try your key again by pressing the broken edges together to turn the lock. This is bad for several reasons. First, it’s very likely to fail, which frustrates you even more. Second, what this does is push the broken end of the key further into the lock. Your key has shoulders that control how far the key goes into the lock. Once it’s broken, you could push the key tip way too far in and damage the lock.

4. Know When it’s Time to Call for a Professional

It’s never fun to hear that you really should wait for a professional to help you, but it’s true at times. A professional locksmith has the tools and the experience to take the lock apart, retrieve the broken key, and get your home secure again with no damage and in a lot less time. This is important because if you wait and try too many solutions that don’t work, you might have bigger problems.

Locked out because of a broken key? Contact us at Momo Locksmith in The Bronx, NY. We know what a bummer it is to be stuck outside because of a failed key and we can help you quickly and professionally.

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Photo by AndreyPopov from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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