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It’s hard to believe that Halloween is almost here, but it is. Halloween is a holiday known for fun, costumes, haunted houses, and parties, but it is also a holiday known for pranks. Many of these pranks can damage your house, which is why now is the perfect time to consider increasing your home security. Investing in a home security system can protect you year-round, but it can also deter the neighborhood teenagers from turning your house into their next target. Momo Locksmith explains more below.

Security Cameras Tip You Off

An exterior security camera system protects you in two ways. One, it lets you see who is outside your home. Two, the notification sign that you have a camera system tends to deter pranksters and robbers. The system will alert you when people come into the camera’s view, and, depending on how the system is set up, it will record pranksters from the street should they egg your home or cause other damage.

Intercom Systems Let People Know You’re There

As you’ve seen on TV commercials, security cameras plus a home intercom system allows you to let the pranksters know you can see and identify them. As depicted in advertising, once you use the intercom to communicate with people outside, they run off. You can protect your home without going outside, which protects you should the pranksters decide to get violent. You can also alert the police.

Gates Prevent Trespassers Onto to Your Property

Add another layer of security against Halloween pranksters and dangers throughout the year with iron gates at the main entry point to your property. These gates are secure and nearly impossible to penetrate when they’re locked. If you open your home to trick-or-treating ghosts and goblins, the cameras and intercom system discussed above will help protect you when the gates are open.

Security Door Screens and Window Gates Prevent Break-ins

Finally, if you live in an apartment building or brownstone, gated property isn’t an option, but door and window gates are. Security screens make it harder for people to penetrate your front door, and window gates secure every room. Lock the window gates on Halloween to protect yourself against the boost in criminal activity on this night. Keep your security screen locked except when you pass out candy.

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