Second Locks: Why It Is So Important to Install a Secondary Lock

If you are relying on a single lock to protect your home or business, you are not doing everything you can to keep your property safe. A single lock provides a modicum of security, but it may not be enough to stop a determined burglar – or even a casual thief looking for an easy score.

In order to really protect your home or business, you need to go beyond that basic lock set. Installing a secondary lockset on your home or business is the best way to protect yourself, your property and the people you love. Adding a deadbolt to your door will take your protection to the next level, and stop all but the best bad guys in their tracks.

Protect Your Home and Property with a Serious Deadbolt

If you have not yet installed a second lock on your property, it is time to get the protection of a deadbolt. A deadbolt lock provides serious home defense and vital protection for your business. These locks are designed to foil all but the most skilled burglars, but their protection goes far beyond their design.

Unlike a single lockset, which could be broken in a matter of minutes, a deadbolt is much harder to overcome. In the time it would take a burglar to open the deadbolt, the police could already be on their way. Most burglars will simply not take the time – or the risk – of even trying to pick a deadbolt. They know that every minute lost trying to overcome that deadbolt is one more minute the police will have to arrive.

An Important Deterrent

The mere presence of a deadbolt lock on your home or business could be enough to scare away potential burglars and keep your property safe. Burglars tend to be opportunists, and they look for the easiest target.

If your front door has both a regular and a deadbolt lockset, the bad guys will likely move on, hoping that the house down the street is less protected. Simply adding that secondary deadbolt to your door provides vital protection – and an effective deterrent for anyone thinking of robbing you.

Adding a secondary deadbolt to your home or business could even lower your insurance premiums, saving you money month after month while keeping your property protected. Insurance companies also recognize the value of a good lock, and many provide significant discounts for homeowners who go the extra distance by installing a quality deadbolt. If you have not yet added a deadbolt to your own home or business, now is the time to act.

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