Intercom System Benefits for Your Business

Would your business benefit from an intercom system? Momo Locksmith says that it would. Intercom systems not only boost your business’ security, but they also save you money in the end. Let’s talk about the benefits of an intercom system for your business and how we can help if you decide to move forward with installing one.


When integrated with your security system, your intercom system improves security at all of the entrances to your business. A combination of an intercom system and video cameras allows your security team to see who is at the door at all times. The intercom system allows them to communicate with strangers so they know whether it’s safe to allow a person entry. If the security team suspects that the person trying to gain entry is dangerous, they can lock the building down.


Intercom systems improve communication inside your business. Not only can they be used for all employees to hear announcements overhead, but they can also be used between employees. This allows everyone to communicate with each other quickly and easily without having to get up to go to someone’s desk or office. Time is money in business, and an intercom system allows employees to communicate quickly and easily.


Whether the convenience of one employee being able to talk to another one quickly or the convenience of your security force alerting you of trouble, an in-office intercom system makes everything easier when it comes to communicating within your building. It also helps keep things safer in the event of an emergency. For example, if the building were to catch fire, announcing the emergency and directions over the intercom system helps people stay calm as they exit the building.

Prevents Crime

Intercom systems also help prevent crime. From communicating with people outside to communicating internally, your security team has a way to alert you of trouble in an instant. The intercom system also allows employees in places such as warehouses or toward the back of the building to alert security quickly of strangers lurking at the back doors. It might seem strange, but communication can actually make it more difficult for criminals to gain access to your business.

Cost Savings

Finally, installing an intercom in your business may reduce your insurance premiums. As part of a security system, insurance carriers smile upon the ability for instant communication between your security team and personnel as well as instant communication with the authorities. In addition, an intercom system boosts the value of your business property, which means you carry more money in the asset.

Whether you are located in The Bronx or another part of New York City or Westchester County, we’ve got all of your security needs covered here a Momo Locksmith including intercom systems. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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