Keeping the Elderly Safe and Secure

Whether your older loved ones live by themselves or with you, it’s important to keep the elderly safe and secure because criminals prey on them. We aren’t just talking about elder abuse; we are talking about breaking and entering, identity theft, and telephone scams. Momo Locksmith can help keep the elderly safe by securing their home or installing safety measures in your home if they live with you that will also benefit you.

Install Deadbolt Locks

Again, no matter where your elderly loved ones live it’s important to install deadbolt locks on all doors. Deadbolts provide added security that makes it more difficult for burglars to get into the home through the front or back door. Most burglars that see deadbolt locks on the doors will not attempt to break into the home because it’s too difficult and takes too long.

Install a Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell system not only discourages theft, including package theft from the front porch, but also allows your elderly loved one to see exactly who is ringing his or her doorbell. These systems are extremely popular, easy to install, and provide added security to anyone’s home. If the elderly loved one does not recognize the person at the door, he or she can call the authorities right away.

Install a Home Security System

In addition to the smart doorbell, installing a home security system protects your loved ones and your family. A home security system should include an alarm that is monitored 24/7, live support 24/7, and security cameras around the perimeter of the property. You can also install cameras inside the home so you can keep an eye on your loved one to make sure he or she has not fallen.

Install an Intercom System

If your elderly loved one lives with you, install an intercom system in your home so he or she can call for help if they need it. An intercom system boosts your home security, as it allows you to talk with each other no matter where you are in the home and also allows you to converse with people outside at your door. This keeps everyone in the loop if there is any trouble.

Gate the Property

Finally, if your loved one lives by him or herself, gate the property. Install iron gate and fencing all the way around the property and, if your loved one lives in a bad neighborhood, gate the windows and doors, too. Gates and fencing also discourage people from breaking into homes because they are too difficult to get through.

Momo Locksmith in Riverdale, The Bronx, NY, services our local area alongside NYC and Westchester County. Give us a call to discuss home security for your elderly loved one and you, too.

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