What Should I Do When My Key Breaks Off?

You’re running late for work and your key breaks off in the lock. You didn’t realize you were twisting it that hard. After you shout a few choice words – and we don’t blame you – your next reaction is to panic. Momo Locksmith doesn’t blame you for that, either, but take a step back and breathe deeply. Here’s what you should do if your key breaks off in its lock.

Pull the Key Remnant Out of the Lock

If your key broke at the head and a portion of it is still sticking out of the lock, you can try to remove it one of two ways. If there is enough key left that you can grab it with your fingers, do so and pull gently. Be careful! The broken edges of the key will be sharp, and you don’t want to cut your finger, especially if you haven’t had a tetanus shot lately.

If you can’t get a good grip on the key with your fingers, grab a pair of needle-nose pliers. Hopefully, the key didn’t physically lock the door and you have access to them. If you don’t, head over to your neighbor’s house to borrow a pair. Use the needle-nose pliers to pull the key remnant out of the lock, and head to a locksmith to have a new key made.

When There Isn’t a Remnant to Pull

If the key broke cleanly at the lock, whether a building door or car door lock, you’ll have a tougher time retrieving it. If you have a very small screwdriver, you could attempt to nudge the key out, but this could damage your lock, so we really discourage you from attempting this. The screwdriver could actually push the key further into the lock and damage the innards.

We know you don’t want to hear this, especially if you’re already late for work, but if there isn’t a remnant to grab and pull, it’s best to call for professional help. A locksmith can remove the lock, take it apart, retrieve the key, and then put the lock back together without causing further damage. Most locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency service.

Momo Locksmith in The Bronx does! Call us and we’ll dispatch a professional technician right away. Once the key is out of the lock, the technician will inspect the lock for damage and repair it if necessary. The only thing left is to have a new key made.

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