Lighting Options to Help Prevent Home Burglary

As locksmiths, we understand how important it is to have effective locks on all of your home’s doors. Momo Locksmith also recognizes the benefits of outdoor lighting. Burglars are not going to approach a well-lit yard because they cannot afford to be spotted. Your first line of defense against break-ins is door and window locks. Your second line of defense is illumination.

Door Lights

Fall is here and it’s getting darker sooner. To prevent danger, make sure you have bright porch lights at your front and back doors and hang floodlights above your garage door. Keep any point of entry into your home well lit to avoid the danger of a criminal coming to your door. It’s wise to keep the lights on all night. If you’d like to save money on your utility bill, install motion-activated lighting at the doors.

Window Lights

When we say window lights, we mean interior lighting. Rearrange your interior design to have lights right next to the windows. The more windows illuminated at night the less chance of a home burglary. If you have exterior windows that are completely in the dark, such as windows in an unattached garage, install motion-activated lights above the windows to protect the separate exterior structure.

Pathway Lights

This is for safety as much as it is for security. Lighting along your exterior pathways prevents slips and falls and also make it tough for a criminal to gain access to your home. People walking or driving by will see your paths and note if someone suspicious is walking along them. Pathway lights are especially important during Halloween when you have a ton of little ones coming to your front door for treats.

Yard Lights

Finally, you can add a variety of outdoor lighting in your front, side and back yards to protect your property. As mentioned above, porch, pathway, and floodlights work well in your front yard. Install motion-activated mercury lights to illuminate dark side yards. Make certain your back porch and patios are lit and if you have a sizable back yard, install floodlights that shine to the back of your property.

Check your front, side, and back yards at night and identify all dark areas. This will help you design a lighting scheme to properly illuminate your property at night. It will also help you design exterior lighting that complements your landscape. Keep in mind security and safety drive your exterior lighting plan but you can also have fun with it to create a beautiful outdoor space at night.

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