Are All Locks Able to Be Picked?

You see it on TV and in the movies all the time. Criminals picking the most impossible of locks to steal their treasure. This begs us to answer a common question we receive from our customers: Can every lock type be picked? The answer is yes and no. It’s a bit complicated, but not as complicated as picking a lock. Let us here at Momo Locksmith explain it a bit further.

Certain Locks Cannot Be Picked

The no answer to this question is easy. If a lock is broken or otherwise not operating at a normal capacity, it cannot be picked. For example, if some of a lock’s inner parts are broken or the tumbler is frozen, which can happen in the fierce Bronx, NY, winters, no matter how skilled the criminal, it won’t be easy to pick that lock. In fact, it’ll be impossible.

There are also locks designed to be impenetrable. These are classified as “virtually un-pickable,” because there might be a chance someone could break through, but those chances are super slim – super, super slim! The interior design and parts of the lock are designed and manufactured to resist lock-picking tools, so it’s virtually impossible to pick them.

Locks That Can Be Picked

Of course, any lock, impenetrable or not can be cut or drilled open, so this is why we answered yes to the titled question above. Nothing is full-proof, and most seasoned criminals avoid picking because it takes too long and opt for quicker methods, such as those mentioned above alongside avoiding the lock altogether and breaking in through a window or glass door instead.

And, naturally, older locks are easier to pick, especially those that are opened with keys. Do you remember the days when you could open a keyed padlock with a hairpin? If not, you’re younger than us! Nonetheless, there was a time when it only took minutes to pick a lock. Today, it can take upward of an hour to accomplish the task, which is why picking locks is a dying art.

Deadbolts and Other Security Features

For optimal home security, professional locksmiths recommend deadbolts on every door that enters the home or garage from the outside. In fact, it’s rare to see a home without deadbolts anymore. They’ve been installed in new homes for decades and many older homes have upgraded to them. Of course, you can also add a layer of security with chains and slider locks.

Commercial security features include mechanical locks and bars without visible locks. Everything is automated and opened with key cards. Momo Locksmith serves the greater New York City area, especially The Bronx, and we are happy to discuss your residential or commercial lock needs with you, so call us today.

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