Why Do My Locks Keep Sticking?

Locks can be tricky, and they can also get dirty. If your lock is sticking while you’re trying to lock or unlock it, chances are the inside mechanisms need a little love. Although trustworthy and secure, locks can only go so far without receiving the attention they deserve. Momo Locksmith in The Bronx would be happy to help you, and we’ll start by listing some reasons why your lock or locks might be sticking in the first place.


Because of the keyhole, locks are susceptible to dust. The mechanisms are only enclosed so far. When the wind blows, dust and dirt particles can be blown into the interior of the lock. Granted these particles are so small they’re hardly noticeable, but they will build up over time. If you’ve noticed your locks are sticky lately and you’ve had construction near your home or another event that would cause excess dust in the air, the problem may be dirt buildup inside the mechanism.


Grime is also a culprit behind sticky locks. If you’ve taken shortcuts in the past to loosen your locks and sprayed an oily lubricant through the keyhole, you’ve just created grime. The oily lubricant and dust mentioned above combine to make mud pies, if you will, which is why you should never use WD-40 or other oily lubricants to loosen your locks. Graphite is the best thing to use, so keep this in mind to prevent sticky grime.


You know how brutal our winters can be in The Bronx and your locks can freeze. Keep a lock deicer handy to use when this happens. If you don’t have one around, grab a hair dryer and use it on the lock until the ice melts and loosens the inner mechanisms. You can also purchase heavy-duty magnets and stick them onto your locks. This prevents the cold air and moisture that freezes the locks from entering the lock mechanisms through the keyholes.

Internal Parts

Finally, your lock mechanisms age, rust, wear down, and even break, and if you have consistent trouble with your locks sticking, it might be time to replace them. Momo Locksmith in The Bronx can replace all your locks and key them so you have one master key. We can also repair the mechanisms if you don’t want to replace the locks at this time. Give us a call at 914-999-2930 or 718-796-0618. We’re happy to diagnose and repair your sticking lock problem.

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