What To Do When You Lose Your Car Keys

If reading this, you’re likely in a pickle. Meaning, you need to get somewhere but don’t have a way to ignite your car’s engine. What’s more, you probably don’t have a spare. Indeed, this is a problem. First, don’t panic. Although lost or stolen keys can take time to replace, the issue can be righted and panicking only makes things worse. Here are some steps to follow if you find yourself in this unfortunate scenario:

Determine the Key Type

Old-school keys that open a door and fit into the ignition are long gone, although if you have one of these, replacing it will be easy. Newer models, on the other hand, use technologically-advanced keys like the following:

  • Key Fobs – These handy gadgets do everything: unlock doors, start the car, and communicate with your vehicle on other levels. Unfortunately, replacing one doesn’t come without a financial gut punch.
  • Transponder Keys – If the plastic part of your key is thick and heavy, you probably have a transponder key. Many modern vehicles use these, and they allow the vehicle to recognize when the key is nearby. A product of modern convenience, these aren’t cheap either.

Gather Necessary Info

Before you can have the key replaced, you’ll need some information: the key type; your vehicle identification number (VIN); and the car’s make, model and year. To cut and program new car keys, the locksmith will need this data.

Call a Locksmith

Regardless of the key type, you’ll need a locksmith if you can’t get into your car. Plus, many people have the information needed to obtain a new key on a document INSIDE the vehicle. You can always call the dealership, but their fees will be much higher.

Order a New Key…and a Spare

At the end of the day, you need new car keys. A trusted locksmith can help you out with this, but modern key fobs and transponder keys don’t come cheap (some cost $300 or more). On the up side, if you order a spare, you’ll save time and money if this unfortunate scenario happens again. The up-front cost might hurt a little, but using a locksmith instead of a dealership saves money and knowing you’ll never be without a spare car key again gives you peace of mind.

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Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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