How to Prevent Your Locks From Freezing in This Cold Bronx, NY, Weather

Yes. We love The Bronx, and we’re proud of our borough, but we also face some of the toughest winters in the eastern seaboard. Frigid temperatures coupled with icy precipitation can leave everyone wanting to stay indoors, but we all have a job to do, right? During extreme lows and weather patterns such as blizzards, you’ve probably come to an unfortunate discovery: Your car door locks can freeze. Momo Locksmith has some advice to help prevent this from happening this winter, so keep reading to find out what you can do to ensure your locks turn every time.

Keep Lock Lubricant on Hand

Lock lubricant or de-icer as some people like to call it can help prevent the moisture that freezes inside your locks from getting there in the first place. Spray all of your door and trunk locks in the fall before the weather turns super cold. This coats the lock mechanisms with a lubricant which repels moisture once the weather turns. Use this sparingly, however, as excess use can damage your locks. Don’t reapply until your locks begin to stick just a little.

Cover Your Locks

If you have to park your car on the street, which many drivers have to do in The Bronx, purchase some heavy duty magnets and cover your locks with them at night. The magnets will prevent moisture from getting inside the lock mechanism so there will be nothing to freeze the lock shut. You might even do this if you park your car or truck in a garage just as an added precaution. The magnets aren’t expensive and are well worth the investment to prevent frozen locks.

Use Petroleum Jelly

If you get stuck without any lock lubricant at home, grab that jar of petroleum jelly you have in the bathroom and dunk your car key in it. Insert the key into the lock and unlock and lock the door several times. You can do this weekly instead of using lubricant if you prefer. It’s just as effective and doesn’t damage the lock mechanisms. Be gentle as you work with the lock, however. Don’t force it. Wiggle the key gently until the mechanism gives.

Finally, graphite also works to release frozen door locks, so you might want to have some on hand. The most important thing, however, is patience. You can prevent your locks from freezing with these tips, but if they do freeze, don’t force your key to turn. Rather, call us here at Momo Locksmith we help Riverdale, Upper West and East Sides, Bedford Park, Harlem, Yonkers, and Westchester customers.

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