Protect Your Family Against Summer Crimes

Summer is supposed to be a time of family togetherness and fun, but crime statistics often raise crime statistics during the summer months because of the nature of the season. In some cases, this makes sense, as you’ll see below; in other cases, there really isn’t any reasonable explanation for it. Nonetheless, you don’t want your summer fun destroyed by crime, so now is the time to call Momo Locksmith if you’d like to change your locks, secure your windows and doors, or install a home security system.

Violent Crimes Increase in the Summer Months

This statistic doesn’t make much sense, but researchers have found that more people commit violent crimes in the summer than in the spring, fall, and winter. Statistics for violent crimes, such as aggravated assault, rape, robbery, and sexual assault, are higher in the summer than during any other time in the year. Simple assaults, such as non-violent muggings (not to take away from the trauma muggings cause), also increase during the summer, as do domestic assaults. It’s hard to put the finger on why summer attracts crime, but few things explain some of the crime statistic increases.

Easier to Break-In

It can be reasonably concluded that the robberies increase during the summer months because houses are easier to break into. Not only does it stay light later into the evening, which makes it easier for a burglar to see around someone’s property, but people also keep their doors and windows open all night to allow the cool, refreshing evening air to circulate through their homes. If you don’t have security screen doors and window bars, a criminal could easily break into your home through the open door or window while you’re fast asleep, and you’ll never hear them.

Family Vacations

Family vacations, in particular, make it easy to open up your home to theft. If a burglar cases your neighborhood and sees that you’re off on a family outing, he or she can easily break into your property and take whatever he or she wants. Vacations can also open up people to crime away from their homes because they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Hotel and motel rooms are frequent targets for burglars, as are naïve tourists who aren’t familiar with local criminal hotspots. Between these things and excess alcohol consumption at summer parties and barbecues, it makes sense summer invites crime.

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