Protecting Your Business From a Fired Employee

Nobody likes to fire an employee. In most cases, the worst a former worker will do is file a lawsuit for wrongful termination. Some people, however, enact revenge that is dangerous and possibly deadly for both you and the rest of your staff. If you suspect a terminated employee will plan an attack after being fired, protect your business with the following steps.

Change the Locks

If you have old-fashioned locks on your doors, change them immediately and install deadbolts if there aren’t any. Even if you took the key away from the employee, he or she might have made a copy without you knowing it. You might also consider iron door and window gates for added protection if you really fear that the employee will attempt to gain entry to harm you or your other employees.

Remove Access Control Access

If you have access control door locks, remove the employee’s permission to gain entry even if you get his or her door card back. This is a standard procedure that immediately secures a building from anyone who should not be able to enter it. Get the card, too, but definitely terminate the employee’s access, especially if the employee ever claimed to have lost his or her card and requested a replacement.

Install Security Cameras

If you don’t have them already, install security cameras throughout your business, both on the outside and the inside of the building. Your fired employee might have a friend who would give him or her access inside to cause damage. Exterior cameras alert security personnel that the employee is on the premises even though he or she was terminated and asked never to return.

Install an Intercom System

If you don’t have an intercom system with intelligent locks, consider installing them, too. An intercom system allows you to screen anyone at your business doors so you can deny entry to the former employee should he or she attempt to gain it. Intelligent locks also come with cameras so you can see who is out front or back, which adds an extra layer of security against the disgruntled employee.

Hire Security Guards

Finally, if you really believe the employee will go “postal,” and/or if you receive credible threats, do not take any chances. Hire security guards to stand in front of all access doors and throughout the property if your business complex is huge. It is not a cliché to say it is better to be safe than sorry in this instance. You see on the news all too often how terminated employees return to a workplace with weapons.

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