Security Cameras and Your Kids

Security cameras inside the home to watch your kids might seem a bit extreme, but do you really know what they’re doing while you’re at work? Don’t think of a household camera system as a spying tool. Rather, many homeowners have found that this added safety measure has saved the lives of their children. Let’s talk about how security cameras can help you protect your children throughout the stages of their lives. Momo Locksmith can install a system if you decide that you want one.


Having a new baby is an amazing change in your life. Many moms and dads need to go back to work after their maternity leave, however, and they stress over leaving their little ones with nannies. Security cameras keep your eye on what’s going on inside your home when you’re not there. You can rest assured the nanny is tending to your baby’s every need and not abusing or neglecting the child.


The minute toddlers learn to walk, all you-know-where breaks loose. They are into everything, including things that can harm or even kill them. Watching them on your security camera feed helps you know exactly where they are and what they’re doing at all times. If you see the toddler getting into something he or she shouldn’t be getting into, you can alert the sitter or, if you’re home, rush to stop him or her.


As children age, they begin to develop their own sense of self. This is great, except when your kids watch TV or play video games when they’re supposed to be doing their homework or chores. Sitters aren’t always the best at sticking to the rules, much less forcing the kids to. With a camera feed on your smartphone or work computer, you can call the kids and figuratively whip them back into shape.


Teenagers not only develop their own sense of self but also believe they know better than you do. Most of our clients rely on their security cameras the most once their kids become teens. Teens get into all kinds of trouble with their boyfriends and girlfriends, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and putting their younger siblings in all kinds of danger. You’ll love your 24/7 monitoring once your kids are teens.

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