Should I Change My Locks After I Break Up With My Boyfriend?

Yes, you should change your locks after you break up with your boyfriend. In fact, anyone should change her or his locks after they’ve broken up with a significant other. It’s just an added measure of safety to protect you, particularly if the breakup was not amicable. Momo Locksmith explains more below.

Amicable Breakups

It may not be as important to change your locks if your breakup is amicable, but you should still consider changing them for security purposes. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has returned his or her key, this does not mean that he or she did not make a copy of it. Rather than run the risk of them having access to your home to gain entry, have the locks changed to protect yourself and your property. Don’t be fooled by amicable breakups, your significant other may still choose to gain entry into your home for one reason or another.

Vicious Breakups

Definitely change your locks if your breakup was not amicable. Again, even if you got your house key back, this does not mean that your significant other did not make a copy before he or she gave it back to you. It’s very dangerous to leave yourself exposed to the possibility of your ex entering your home and waiting for you. This is particularly dangerous if you broke up with your ex because he or she was violent. You cannot take chances with your personal safety. Have your locks rekeyed so you know for certain that your ex cannot gain access to your home if he or she made a copy of your original key.

Another thing to consider is your automobile. If you gave your ex a key to your car, truck, or utility vehicle, it’s important to have the vehicle rekeyed, as well. An angry ex may seek revenge by entering your home to harm you or your property and/or stealing your car. If you have a newer automobile with keyless entry, get the key fob reprogrammed so, again, your ex cannot have access to it. Breakups bring out the worst in people, and you want to make sure that you are always protected.

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