Smile You’re on Camera: Five Reasons Why Businesses Use Security Cameras

Whether you run a commercial or industrial business, you should consider having security cameras installed on your property. Even in instances where you think they won’t be needed, such as office space, eyes in the sky protect business owners from more than theft. Momo Locksmith lists five reasons why businesses use cameras below, and you might be surprised by some of them.

Employee Accountability

White-collar crime has changed since the advent of the internet and social media. Today’s employee isn’t ripping off his or her boss by stealing money, he or she is stealing time. Rather than doing their jobs, employees sit at their desks and play and socialize. Business owners pay the price via a lack of productivity. Security cameras prevent theft, including time theft.

Employee Theft

This isn’t to say, however, that employee theft still doesn’t occur. It does. Employees not only steal money from the businesses they work at; they also steal merchandise and supplies. Security cameras prevent your employees from giving themselves five-fingered discounts. They also prevent them from allowing accomplices into your workplace to help with their theft.

Fraud Protection

Have you ever been sued for a slip-and-fall, sexual harassment, or another nuisance suit? Security cameras can come to your defense in the event a person attempts to sue you for something that didn’t actually happen. For example, an employee may try to sue you for an on-the-job injury that he or she caused because he or she did not follow safety protocols. Security cameras will capture the event.

Employee Safety

Keeping your employees safe should be a top priority at your business because safe employees are happy employees and happy employees are productive employees. Security cameras deter burglars, those who prey on people in parking lots, and other outside threats such as shoplifters or drug dealers conducting their business around your commercial or industrial space.


Finally, cameras help you identify everyone who is on your business’ property. This includes prior employees who might be holding grudges and could become potential threats. In addition, if you have an employee who has a scorned ex, for example, security cameras will detour the ex from becoming a threat to your employee and his or her coworkers.

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