The Best Ways to Secure Your Commercial Business

You didn’t open your business and work hard to grow it only to lose everything to theft. Securing your business is crucial, even if your offices are in the safest part of Manhattan. Momo Locksmith is a commercial security expert. We can set up a security system and locks that are impenetrable to protect you, your business, and your employees. Here are the best ways to secure your business.

Monitored Alarm System

Your business’ security system should not only be state-of-the-art but also monitored 24/7. You need to be alerted immediately of any possible breach, but you’re not awake and at the offices 24/7; at least we hope you aren’t! A monitored alarm system has detectors throughout your business at all key entry points. It also has sensors that detect movement when the system is engaged. Finally, live people are on call if the system is triggered to immediately dispatch the authorities to your business location and to alert you, as well, that your alarm system has been triggered so you can head over right away.

External and Internal Video Surveillance

The monitored alarm system is enhanced with indoor and outdoor video surveillance. We hate to say it, but many commercial businesses are actually robbed from the inside. Employees give themselves five-finger discounts, supervisors with access to secured areas take advantage of this, and customers help themselves to just anything while they’re in the building. Interior surveillance stops this. Exterior surveillance discourages break-ins and also protects your property, your employees, and your customers. Add exterior lighting that shines brightly at night to boost the safety of the property.

Access Control Lock Systems

Securing your commercial property should also include access control lock systems. These systems are more secure than traditional locks, even bars and deadbolts. The systems are programmed for access to the building during hours you designate and everyone entering into the building – and throughout the offices if you need internal security – must have a programmed key card. Every time the card is swiped, the entry or exit is logged, meaning you know who is coming in or going out of your building at all times. Add intelligent door locks and an intercom system, and you’ve got security nearly as good as Fort Knox.

If you’re concerned about your commercial property’s security, give Momo Locksmith a call. We secure businesses in The Bronx, throughout the other four NYC boroughs, and also Westchester County, NY. We’ll tour your commercial business property and design a security plan that best meets your needs.

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