The Dangers of Losing Your Keys

Losing your keys is not only frustrating but also frightening. You don’t know if you actually lost your keys, if they were stolen, or if you did lose your keys whether someone will be honest and return them. Momo Locksmith cautions that losing your keys can open you up to all kinds of problems, including the issues listed below. This is why it’s an excellent idea to come up with a system for your keys that ensures you will never lose or misplace them.

Your Car Becomes Susceptible to Theft

If somebody sees you lose your keys, such as you drop them in a parking lot while you’re walking away from your automobile, you might end up with a car theft that is easy-peasy for the thief. The person can simply pick up your keys, unlock your car, and drive away in it. All he or she needs to do is wait until you are out of sight. Your key fob doesn’t help. If the burglar isn’t sure which car is yours, he or she simply needs to keep hitting the fob button until your automobile unlocks.

Your Home Becomes Susceptible to Theft

Once in your car, the criminal can also find out where you live and he or she has instant access to your home. Your vehicle’s registration has your home address on it as does any insurance cards or auto repair estimates and receipts. This allows the thief to drive straight to your home and gain entry with your house key or garage door opener. This not only puts your valuables in danger but also your family and your pets. People steal animals as much as they steal things.

Ways to Mitigate the Risks

Obviously, we’ve all lost our keys at one time or another and this just happens. Who knows why? You can help mitigate your risk, however. First, install an alarm in both your automobile and your home. We can take care of your home’s security system. Also, make sure to separate your house key from your car key. Keep them on separate rings and never keep your house key in your automobile. Finally, call us the second you realize you don’t have your keys so we can change your house locks and your auto locks.

Momo Locksmith is the best locksmith in The Bronx and Westchester County. We also rock in NYC, so we’ve got you covered if you lose your keys. We have 24/7 emergency service so, again, call the minute you realize you don’t have your keys.

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