Three Common Entry Points Burglars Use to Get Into Your Home or Business

Your home is your castle and your business is your passion. Protecting them is one of the most important things you do in your life. Burglary is not only a violation of your residential or business structure; it also a violation of your personal safety. Knowing how burglars commonly access their targets helps you secure your home or business better. Momo Locksmith understands that this list of entry points might seem obvious, but it’s worth going over them again to help keep you and your property safe. Here is how burglars get into the homes and businesses they target.

Front Doors

Many people make the mistake of assuming that a criminal would never try to access a home or business through the front door. The door is on the front of the property, and people will see the burglary in progress from the street. This isn’t always a deterrence, however. Front doors are actually common entry points for burglars. They can easily find spare keys hidden outside and use them as if they lived or worked there. If your front door is obscured, this gives them time to quickly remove the door from its hinges or otherwise break through it. Your front door is not immune to burglar access.


Windows are also a common entry point. Back windows are particularly susceptible to burglary because the criminal is not in view of anyone on the street and he or she can easily break the glass and get in before being detected. Many people leave their windows unlocked or cracked to let air in while they are away. This makes getting into the home via a window even easier. Those who live or work on second or higher stories can still become the victim of a burglary if there are easy ways to get to the window such as using a tree outside or fire escape. Secure all windows and ensure there is no easy access to them.

Secondary Entrances

Secondary entry points can be ways to access your home or business if the burglar cannot easily get in through your front door or any of the windows. Many burglars choose the sliding glass door, entry door from the garage, skylights, or even decorative windows if they are big enough to allow entrance. It’s important to ensure that all points of entry are secured. Even secondary entrances, such as a skylight, can leave you vulnerable to burglary, especially if the skylight is hidden behind an air conditioning unit.

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