What Are Your Employees Really Doing at Their Desks?

A few blog posts back, we discussed white-collar crime. Although it didn’t make our list, more and more employees are becoming white-collar criminals because they steal time. Your time. Have you ever wondered what your employees are really doing at their desks? Have you ever wished you could keep an eye on them from afar? More businesses are installing systems where they can because, unfortunately, they don’t have a choice. Momo Locksmith can help you with the security system. In the meantime, many employees throughout the country are doing the following at their desks.

Liking and Tweeting

No matter where you stand on social media, one thing is certain, people are addicted to it. Few employees can go all day without checking their social media platforms and liking or responding to their friends and family. Most people don’t even realize how much time they spend on it. If you’re still waiting for that report from accounting, it could be that the manager is too busy on Instagram.

Playing Cell Phone Games

Candy Crush, Best Fiends, Angry Birds… the list goes on. Another problem at work is cell phone games. Employees will sneak a round in whenever they can rather than do their jobs. In some cases, the employees will have been playing for 30 minutes or more, and, yes, you’re paying them for this time. They may also play games on their business computers, which is why many companies restrict websites.

Watching Movies

Seem unbelievable? Unfortunately, it isn’t. If you’re in a meeting or out of the office for the day, how many people are watching movies, videos on YouTube, or even Netflix? You might be surprised by the totals in your place of business. Even though they yell at their kids for constantly staring at their screens, many employees distract themselves from their work with the same activities.

Conducting Personal Business

Finally, employees pay their bills online, go to school, do their homework, instant message their friends, shop, schedule appointments… we could go on. Rather than working on what they’re supposed to be working on, many workers in the States today spend their time online conducting their own business. This is also white-collar crime because you’re paying them to work and they aren’t.

If you suspect your employees are stealing time from you, Momo Locksmith can help. Give us a call if you’re in New York City or Westchester County. We would be happy to discuss security options to help prevent workplace time theft in your facility.

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Photo by Mangostar from Canva Pro

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