You Lost Your Car Keys in the Snow, Now What Do You Do?

It is a common problem every driver faces eventually. You get in your car, only to find that your car keys are gone. You frantically retrace your steps, trying to remember where you might have left your keys.

The only thing worse than not knowing where your keys are is knowing that they are lost in a big pile of snow. If you live in New York, you are no stranger to snow, and you know how quickly car keys can disappear once those flakes begin to fall. If you lose your car keys in the snow, do not panic. Instead, take the steps listed below to retrieve your keys and get back on the road before the blizzard gets too bad.

Raid Your In-Car Toolkit

Many motorists keep a basic toolkit in their cars. If you are one of those prepared drivers, you might have a shot at retrieving your snowbound keys.

If your car toolkit includes a screwdriver with a magnetic tip, you may be able to use that tip to find your keys. This will probably not work if your keys are at the bottom of a deep snowdrift, but for shallower situations, it just might save you. Just wave the magnetic tip around the snow and wait for your keys to come to you.

Use Your Car Emergency Kit

If the magnetic tip trick does not work, it is time to raid the winter emergency kit in your car. You do have an emergency kit, right?

Hopefully your winter emergency kit includes a small shovel or other digging tool. You can use that tool to dig through the snow and find your car keys.

Call a Locksmith

Hopefully the steps above will help you find your lost car keys and get back on the road, but sometimes the best thing to do is call a locksmith. When the snow starts to fall in New York, it can come down hot and heavy, and every minute you waste looking for your keys will make your drive home that much more dangerous.

If you do not find your keys right away, it is probably time to call a locksmith. The locksmith can get you back on the road fast, help you open your car and maybe even assist in finding your keys. Once you get home safely, you can make a copy of your lost keys – and maybe keep a spare key hidden in your wallet or under the bumper.

There is never a good time to lose your car keys, but losing your keys in the snow has to be one of the worst situations a driver can face. When your keys are at the bottom of a big pile of snow and the snow is still coming down, it is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed, but there is always help available. A locksmith can help you find your keys and get you on the road safely, before the accumulated snow gets too deep.

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